Sunday, April 20, 2014

Spring Fun!

 Our Annual trip to Moab! Harley was so excited to drive the four wheeler herself. She did pretty good following Shane...
 Maybe we need a little more practice!
 The Easter egg Hunt!

 We took the kids to Baby Animal Days in Cache Valley, they loved holding the ducks and chicks!

 ...and can't forget the pony rides.....
 Happy Easter!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

June - the party month!

 Shane's sister, Shambree took the kids horse riding on Noah's birthday. By horse riding I mean walking in circles inside a small corral, the kids loved it though. Noah kept shouting "Yee-hah, Riding Noah!"

This picture of Harley makes me laugh!Grandpa Rich and Grandma Jen gave the kids a Cozy Coupe car for their birthdays, it's so convenient that Noah fits into the trailer so they can enjoy it at the same time!

We got Noah a little trike, he doesn't quite have the pedaling down, but he loves it.
 Happy Father's Day Shane...garage supplies!
 My parents fixed up their old play house and brought it over for the kids birthdays. They put up a tire swing on the side too. Shane has since built a little sandbox around it and the kids are in heaven in the backyard now!
 We got Harley a little art easel, she loves to draw and paint.
 Harley's birthday party at the park with her friends...we made magic wands...
Played a princess cakewalk game...
 Had a Barbie cake...

 And even princess hats, unfortunately Noah is the only one who kept his hat on ;)
Grandma and Grandpa gave Harley riding gear for the four-wheeler. She's still trying to get used to such a heavy thing on her head, but it's going to be great!
To top off the party month, we took the kids to Lagoon. I made the mistake of starting off the day with the bumper cars. I thought the kids would love them...they did until other strangers started crashing into them...then we had to find some more mellow rides to ease them back into it.
It didn't take too long, they had so much fun!

This was Noah's favorite ride!

Spring Catch-up

 Easter trip to Moab, Grandpa Rich let us take his little Raptor for the kids to ride, they had a blast, Harley is a crazy driver!
 Easter egg hunts...

 Grandpa Jeff got a new little four-wheeler for the grandkids to ride, the kids were super excited, they want to go over there everyday to ride!
We took the kids to Baby Animal Days, they each loved holding the baby bunnies
 Mother's Day at Grandma Lori's, ice cream cones....mmmm!
 Me and mom...Happy Mother's Day!
 Harley's 3 year old Preschool Graduation!
Memorial Day trip to Cherry Creek, we took Grandpa Jeff's four-wheeler. By the end of the trip Harley was riding it by herself.
The RZR is still one of the kids favorite things too, they get buckled in that back seat and can catch some serious air going over bumps.

 Grandma Lori took some adorable pics of the grandkids....